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Balloon Glow International

Latex Balloon Glow 16oz Shine Spray Bottle

Latex Balloon Glow 16oz Shine Spray Bottle

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1. Use a drop cloth to protect the floor from surface spray when treating balloons, and

removing them. 

2. Important: Adjust the spray applicator to the finest mist setting -

product will not apply to balloons properly if this step is not followed. 

3. Point the applicator 12 inches from the balloon and apply one even coat in an up and down continuous motion. Resist over spraying, if dripping occurs too much has been applied. No buffing is needed.

Why was balloon glow invented?

Balloon Glow wasn't originally intended to be sold. The product was developed by professional balloon decorator and entrepreneur DW Greenhoward more than 10 years ago as an effective way to polish

and protect his clients' balloon sculptures from oxidation that wouldn't be costly or time consuming. Balloon Glow was informally introduced at the World Balloon Convention in Dallas, Texas, and made available to the public for purchase in 2012.

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